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Stephen Snoddy is both an artist and internationally renowned curator and gallery director who is currently Director at The New Gallery, Walsall.

Born in the UK in 1959, Snoddy trained as an artist at Belfast College of Art where he graduated in 1983 with an M.A. in Fine Art.

Stephen Snoddy’s work is an ongoing investigation into line and format, which are often
...translated from one picture to another. He sometimes regards two consecutive paintings as a diptych, with left and right-hand panels forming parts of a composite whole.

The work becomes defined by its geometries, serial approach and limitless variations. In his own words, ‘The paintings often come in pairs or a small series and incorporate architectural and geometric structures with colour to get everything right – space, line, form. The final result is a balanced resolution made through corrections, revisions and re-workings.’

Perpetually looking at work by other artists, Snoddy now finds stimulus in painters as diverse as Mark Rothko, Vanessa Bell, Richard Diebenkorn, Hans Hofmann, Callum Innes, Piet Mondrian, Robert Motherwell, Blinky Palermo, Gerhard Richter, William Scott and Sean Scully.

In very different ways they are, like him, fascinated by the manifold possibilities inherent in abstraction. It is easy, for example, to imagine how these artists affect him; Rothko’s arresting bands of colour could have strengthened Snoddy’s resolve to investigate an equally mysterious region of his own; or Palermo’s constructivist purity and order; Scott’s balance and poise and Scully’s building blocks of colour.’

He has exhibited extensively nationally and internationally since 1980, with exhibitions including: ‘Looking At’, Southampton City Art Gallery, 2017; and ‘Recent Work’, Artistsworkhouse, Warwickshire, ‘Conversations’, Rabley Contemporary, Marlborough, and ‘Looking Out’, Roberto Polo Gallery, Brussels, all 2016.

His work is in public collections including: Department of the Environment, Northern Ireland, Frank Cohen Collection, Hertfordshire Education Authority, Open University Milton Keynes, and Southampton City Art Gallery.
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