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Susan Laughton worked in architecture for twelve years, before returning to education and studying BA Visual Art and Design at the University of Bolton, graduating in 2002. Since this period she has become an established artist and exhibited in many group exhibitions.
“My paintings and drawings evolve from half-remembered glimpses seen from the c
...orner of my eye, fleeting juxtapositions elusive to photography, the dislocated reverie of long car journeys, or from more studied compositions.

The landscape is my starting point, not as a picturesque or static view, but as a space travelled through and experienced often on the edges of the urban and the rural. It is a source of man made and natural structures, surfaces and colour from which my reductive personal responses develop.

Process and materials are important to me as a way of allowing the paintings to emerge as objects in their own right. Structured and methodical approaches combined with spontaneous and intuitive reactions allow me to plan and take risks: to combine control with ‘let‘s see what happens if…”
The artist is infatuated with how man made structures in particular impose their presence against the sky, as these structures create tension within space and mark the passage of time. The artists approach is reductive and minimal: she removes excessive elements, concentrating on the simple physicality of edges their boundaries, which are often in contrast to the veiled, shifting pale light of the north. Starting with drawings in order to remembered details seen from fleeting moments - these act as the basis for her strange juxtapositions. Her images contrast intentional marks with random scratches, washes of paint with fine layers of plaster, gesso or card. Focussing on a textural process and pure materials is important to Laughton, allowing the painting to emerge as an object in its own sense. The artists structural and methodical approaches, combined with spontaneous and intuitive reactions, means she can plan and take risks: to combine control with spontaneity.
After changing her career path in 2002, the artist has had great success, participating in an impressive amount of exhibitions around and UK and further afield.
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