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Best known for her large resplendent oil paintings, Suzi Morris draws upon ideas from the fields of biotechnology, medicine and science.

A former Art Director in Film, Morris recently completed a practice based professional doctorate in Fine Art supported by da Vinci Artists Brushes and Schmincke Paint. In 2012, she was presented with a scholarship to Kingston and later
... received an MA in Painting with Commendation from the City & Guilds of London Art School.

The development of her painting and use of paint draws deeply on the imaginative processing resulting from a lifetime of medical treatment in suppressing Keratitis. A fascination with the independent nature of oil paint and its capacity to modify and spread unpredictably, led Morris to discover a synergy that seems to exist between the substance of oil paint and the viral behaviour causing her illness.

The sciences of virology and genomics capture her imagination in many ways and have become a medium through which decisions are made in her painting. Her paintings are in part, projections of her imaginary perception of the interior landscape of the body: cerebral images of abstract thoughts on parts of the body that remain unseen to the naked eye.

Vertical lines function as ‘biomarkers,’ which reference the measurable indicators in the body and pay homage to the strengths and vulnerabilities of the human spirit. They act as a moment of disquiet and stillness in a swirling haze of deep colour.

Her work has been exhibited widely in the UK and Germany, and features as part of collections globally. Most recently a piece of her work has been selected for the Imperial College collection.

Dr Suzi Morris lives and works in London.


  • 2014 - 2017 - Professional Doctorate in Fine Art University of East London
  • 2012 - 2013 - MA FineArt Painting, City & Guilds of London Art School
  • 1980 - 1983 - First Class BA (Hons) Illustration and Design
Published Works:
  • 2017: 'The Viral Sublime' - ISBN 9781527215665
  • 2013: 'Parallels of the Sublime' - ISBN 5060151960191
Solo & Joint Exhibitions:
  • 2018: Of Blooded Things, Imperial College, London
  • 2018: Sensibilities of Belonging, Mall Galleries, London
  • 2018 - From the Studio Floor, Supporting Camsight, Cambridge
  • 2018 - ABODE: 6 Park Place Villas, Little Venice, London
  • 2017: The Viral Sublime, Herrick Gallery, Mayfair, London
  • 2017 - The Residency, Herrick Gallery, Mayfair, London
Recent Media Awards:
  • 2018 - Shortlisted Royal Academy Summer Exhibition
  • 2017 - Documentary, The Residency - Fact Not Fiction Films
  • 2017 - DaVinci Special Edition Series 538 Suzi Morris mottler brush.
  • 2016 - Co-founded DaVinci Artist Residency Award for emerging painters
  • 2016 - Production of 50 short films for DaVinci Artist Brushes
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