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Born in 1966, Tehos is a successful and award winning contemporary visual artist based in France.
In 2008 he began a series of paintings based on torn paper, collages and explore different themes and trends in journalism, fact-based company, which he transcribed on his canvases.

He discovered Second Life in 2009 and set up an experimental laboratory where he created h
...is first digital works, which he then transformed into works of art.

He explored many techniques and materials for several years before expanding his work to digital art and video. In his paintings, he offers a different contemporary representation of the mix between post pop art and street art, by blending a variety of visual and verbal languages used in our alienated society, often with a subtle playful commentary.

He won several awards including the Jury Aiap Unesco Prize in 2011, the Freedom Art Prize in 2009 and the Francis Poulenc Prize in 2008.

Tehos has exhibited worldwide, in various galleries and Art Fairs including those in Berlin, Monaco, Hong Kong and California. He has sold more than 2,500 pieces in the past 10 years.
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