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Terry Duffy is an international artist with a reputation for unique and challenging work.

Terry studied at Liverpool College of Art and first gained recognition in the mid 70’s when he exhibited in New Contemporaries and followed this with shows in avant-garde galleries of the time, Acme and Air. His work was highly revered by the press and media leading to in depth revi
...ews with BBC World News promoting the avant-garde nature of British Art then.

Duffy is celebrated for pushing boundaries within the medium of paint. He has mastered a unique technique deploying a highly polished and sheer hot-pressed board, which enables him to slide paint across the surface, making and partially erasing marks and letting the reflective qualities shine through. The result is a mysterious but palpable space of mobilised forms that we can mentally move within. The paintings appear paradoxically, to be possessed of a strange stillness and yet also perpetual motion.

There is a sense of refined control and balance here, beyond the surface mark-making of macho expressionism. At a time when shock tactics fuel the art industry, Duffy reminds us of the simple evocative power of minimalist abstraction, celebrating the mediums capacity to awaken our emotional, intellectual and physical senses.

He has exhibited in London, Paris, Berlin, Cape Town, Dresden, Philadelphia, New York. Included in the important John Moores Painting Prize; in 2008 his MONUMENTS installation of abstracts was included within Liverpool Biennial, sponsored by Barclays Bank. In the same year, he also exhibited at the Walker Art Gallery.

In 2009 he was included in the internationally prestigious Venice Biennale, sponsored by Sotheby's. Following this his work was used to launch the Bloomsbury Arts Festival London and opened by the Her Highness the Duchess of Bedford.

Other important works such as 'Victim, no resurrection' has been exhibited around the world. Other recent works include a vestment commission for the 'Windrush' commemorations at West Minster Abbey.

His paintings are included in many collections worldwide.
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