Zed Talijan artwork for sale and artist biography

Born 1961 and raised in former Yugoslavia Zed completed his studies in Political Sciences at the University of Sarajevo.

He worked as a journalist before moving to France where he lived and worked for a period of time. For the past 15 years he has settled down in West Sussex where he discovered a need to paint and embarked on a journey which took him exhibiting and selli
...ng his work in the UK and some European countries.

“In my work, I like to look for the point where abstracts and realities meet. In that undefined space is created a visual freedom that plays between different interpretations. That stillness is very often awakened with the movement of smoke, cloud and steam, which is a recognized motif in my work.”
The artist now exhibits regularly in group and solo exhibitions around the UK, and his abstract landscapes and figurative paintings have been sold at Reading & Windsor Contemporary Art Fair.
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