Fuck Art Lets Dance – Series II

by Keith Haynes


Size: 70cm W x 70cm H

Medium: Mixed media, cut from original 7″ and 12″ dance vinyl (Perspex Box Case)
Unique edition of 10, signed and numbered by the artist
Dimensions: 70 x 70 cm (framed)

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Artist Biography

London-born Keith Haynes is a contemporary artist whose work is driven by a passion for music and design. Nostalgic and playful, Keith’s work has carved a distinctive niche in Pop Art culture, blending subject and object through his use pop culture material to form his artwork.

Keith creates artwork which is bright and dynamic, using a precious collection of vinyl records, which have been re-worked and re-shaped. He transforms these vinyls into colourful, bold reflections of pop culture; the result is a playful and nostalgic exploration of music and pop culture from his past to the present day.

In a digital world where music has lost touch with the visual and the visceral, my work explores the art forms of popular music culture – album sleeves, record labels, badges and, of course, beautiful black vinyl – not only as the subject but also the raw materials. My work is unapologetically nostalgic, harking back to another time but also looking forward; nostalgic and hopeful at the same time ”.

Keith’s practice is interesting for his unique choice of materials. He creates artwork from the ‘clutter’ of pop culture - button badges, CDs or, more uniquely, vinyl records. From graphically iconic portrait, to meaningful song lyric, individual works are created from genuine vinyls, chosen to intensify the subject matter. The subject and the object are of equal importance within Haynes practice. Whether it’s a graphically iconic portrait, a map or song lyric, each piece is created from a material that enhances the subject matter.

Keith witty and elegant pieces are produced in small limited editions, with each piece actually being unique as the vinyl records used to construct them are different each time. His recent series of UK and US maps are composed using cut, original vinyl records, each record title relating to the state or city on which it is placed on the map.

With his love of graphic design, Keith creates work of striking visual acuity, playing with texture, colour and composition to generate an eye-catching aesthetic. Retrospective and yet also forward-looking, Keith has found a delicate way of holding onto our tactile past, refusing the onslaught of digitalisation.

“My introduction to art was through the graphic design of people like Jamie Reid and Ray Lowry which I collected on record sleeves, t-shirts and badges. These were the people that inspired me to go to art school” - Keith Haynes

On leaving Harrow Art School with a BA(hons), Keith worked as a designer and director at the BBC. His designs where featured in some of the most influential music and arts programmes of the past 20 years and his video work was included in an exhibition of experimental and avant-garde television design held at the ICA.

The artists success stems from the connection he achieves with the viewer, he evokes an emotional and nostalgic feeling – viewers are often found reminiscing around Keith’s display. Keith’s artworks allow us to reminisce through artwork we can display on our wall, reminding us how hugely influential music is within our culture.

Keith's artwork has been exhibited extensively in the UK and International; it can be found in private collections in Europe, America, Hong Kong and Singapore.

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