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This Month's Must See: Human Figures Artwork

Despite the art world's current interest in abstract and conceptual art, the human form continues to be an important and recurrent theme in contemporary artwork.

Depictions of the human form were some of the earliest forms of art found across the globe. Indeed the earliest cave paintings and wall drawings dating back almost 30,000 years show human and animal figures.

Throughout the ages, figurative art featuring the human form has adapted and changed influenced by location, culture and religious beliefs. Christian art throughout the Renaissance for example heavily featured figures, angels and even depictions of God; whilst Islamic art refrained from including any images of people and especially God, due to a belief that only God should create living beings.

Nowadays, you'll find any variety of portraits, nudes and scenes from the everyday in a variety of mediums, including photography, sculpture, print and paint.

See this month's collection of must see artwork of the human form below!


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