Dare to Bare?

Emily-Downes-Avatar-Profile-Pic.jpg#asset:31093:icon114 By Emily Downes

Nudes are the epitome of a classic artwork style. Dating back to ancient Greece, the human form in a nude state is synonymous with some of the most famous sculptural works throughout history. The Venus de Milo crafted in 130 BC for example has stood the test of time and is a perfect example of the timeless beauty of the human form.

After the Ancient Greeks and Romans however, the naked form fell out of fashion in the Middle Ages - a predominantly Christian society disapproved of such pleasures of the flesh! However, it made a resurgence in the Renaissance period as art, culture and literature re-appropriated some of the more classic styles. In these instances, nudes were originally used to express the ideals of male and female form, however in recent decades artist have put modern spins on the iconic theme.

If you’re looking to add a timeless classic to your house, look no further. Style, class and sensuality can all be found within these artworks.

Geoffrey Key Nude With Raised Arms

Nude With Raised Arms

By Geoffrey Key

Trystram Menhinick Son Medium


By Trystram Menhinick

2015 019 Positive Emotions 2 Mb Copie Copy

Positive Emotions

By Joël Moens de Hase

Richard Wallace Ma At


By Richard Wallace

1 E1445352536914


By Emma Doig

Talantbek Chekirov Sunset Light Ii

Sunset Light II

By Talantbek Chekirov

Tania Babb - Seated Lady Porcelain 2

Seated Lady

By Tania Babb

Love20 Tree

Love Tree

By Elaine Coppen

Ecomproducts Img1 284


By Dan Hillier

Ian Mood Seated Nude

Seated Nude II

By Ian Mood

Michael Ashcroft Study Of Angie

Study of Angie

By Michael Ashcroft

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