12th May 2018 Art & Interior Design

Timeless Classics - Artwork for the Traditional Home

Tea Jammie Dodgers


By Faye Hamlet-Jones I 4 min read

Although it shouldn't be the deciding factor, buying art for the home often means taking into consideration our existing furnishings and home decor style. And if you own a traditional family home (think classic, calm and comfortable) it often makes sense to look for art which brings this same air of quiet tranquility and simply beauty.


Classic Scenic Paintings

Choosing classic scenic and landscape paintings adds a touch of escapism to your home and suits a range of classic interiors. For example, Looking out to Sea II (below) by Hans Becker has a neutral palette, lovely interpretation of light and lines which are soft on the eye. The use of oil paints and strong brushstrokes brings great texture and depth, bringing the outdoors in and breathing fresh (sea) air into any room.

Hans Becker, creator of this artwork, grew up in Berlin, but later travelled around Europe to successfully exhibit his classic, scenic oil paintings. The European influence for Becker’s romantic scenery is certainly reminiscent of 19th century Parisian impressionism. this piece is perfect for anyone with a fondness for, or memories of the seaside; it certainly makes me daydream about sunny childhood memories of beaches in France (a far-cry away from rainy Manchester!) Its calming nature acts as a conversation starter about past times shared with family and friends.

Becker’s work is collected widely throughout Europe and the United States, but whether you're a collector looking to expand their collection or a first time buyer looking for an investment that can be passed on to family members, this artwork is a timeless classic.

I've also included a number of other scenic paintings below which bring a similar air of calm tranquility - for those searching for a beautiful escape.

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Hans Becker Looking Out To Sea Ii Looking out to Sea II

Hans Becker - Oil Painting (80cm W X 70cm H)

Lr 41747 Low Sun Reflected 45X60Cm C2 A327005Ab3Cc05000B8 Low Sun Reflected

John Hammond - Acrylic Painting (60cm W x 45cm H)

Lr41503 Deckhairs Beer Beach 31X42 C2 A31400 Deckchars, Beer Beach

Mike Bernard - Mixed Media Painting ( 42cm W x 31cm H)

Michael Ashcroft First Light Yorkshire First Light, Yorkshire

Michael Ashcroft - Oil Painting (30cm W x 20cm H)

Lr 40841 Blue Light On The Grand Canal Venice 61 X 61Cm Oil C2 A32650 Blue Light on the Grand Canal

Tina Morgan - Oil Painting (61cm W x 61cm H)

Hr 41437 South Of France Sketch No 6 Oil And Acrylic On Canvas 45 X 60Cm C2 A31400 1024X755 South of France Sketch no.6

Michael Sole - Oil & Acrylic Painting ( 60cm W x 45cm H )

Paolo Bigazzi Flowers On The Terrace Tuscany Flowers on the Terrace, Tuscany

Paolo Bigazzi - Oil Painting (90cm W x 61cm H)

4947 Sunlit flowers, Treen Cliff

Mark Preston - Acrylic Painting (25cm W x 25cm H)

Sunset Stroll Sunset Stroll

Vicki Norman - Oil on Board Painting (33cm W x 24cm H)

Into The Colour Into the Colour

Magdalena Morey - Acrylic Painting (81cm W x 61cm H)

A New Take on Still Life's

If you think the 'still life' is a subject resigned to years' past, then you might be surprised by the explosion of contemporary examples which are a great blend of classic and more modern styles.

For example this contemporary still life by Adam Ralston, plays with the traditional and tackles one of my favourite subjects – biscuits - and who doesn’t love biscuits! Although I’m more of a bourbon fan myself, one can admire Ralston’s value of tone and colour in his landscape and still life oil paintings. Using his hometown and life in Blackpool as the subject of his paintings, Ralston engages the viewer in a friendly conversation – bringing a friendliness and warmth quintessential to the Northern soul and spirit.

If your interior is cosy, classic and filled with rustic details or soft wood furnishings, oil paintings like Tea & Jammie Dodgers can add a splash of warm colour without venturing too far into the avant-garde. Given his preferred subject matter of food and dining, his paintings are a natural fit for a farmhouse style kitchen or dining room, as the familiar content of Ralston’s paintings compliment a rustic interior, yet give them a contemporary edge. And if you’re like me, and a leisurely breakfast is your favourite way to start the day - the rest of his collection will be right up your street!

Another example of a contemporary still life which would match a classic interior is Steve Capper's Still Life with Exotic Fruits. The artist has accentuated the subjects simplicity and form with bold, warm earthy tones and his experimental textures take expressionism in a new direction. If you're a fan of classic cubist artworks by masters such as Picasso and Braque, then you will find great pleasure in Capper's atypical style Northern Art.

If you're looking for some contemporary still life's which could be a wonderful addition to your dining spaces, the slideshow below shows mouth watering paintings by artists including Norman Long, Nigel Sharman & Peter Kotka. Ranging from breakfast scenes, to minimal reductionist paintings, explore some contemporary still life's which could be perfect for your home.

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Tea Jammie Dodgers Tea & Jammie Dodgers

Adam Ralston – Oil Painting (110cm W X 110cm H) Price: £695

Steve Capper Still Life With Exotic Fruit Still Life with Exotic Fruit

Steve Capper - Acrylic Painting (71cm W x 51cm H)

Lr 41810 Still Life With Yellow Table And Jug Oil On Canvas 60 X 60Cm Still Life with Yellow Table & Jug

Nigel Sharman - Oil Painting (60W x 60H)

Peter Kotka Burgendy Grapes And Stemless Glass Burgendy, Grapes and Stemless Glass

Peter Kotka - Oil Painting (61cm W x 51cm H)

Reflections On A Rose Reflections on a rose

Magdalena Morey -

0434 Lunchtime Still Life

Jeremy Jackson - Oil on board painting (56cm H x 39cm W)

Mary Mabbutt Study For Flowers For Martha Flowers for Martha

Mary Mabbutt - Oil Painting (76cm H x 76cm W)

James20 Bland20 20 Bloodoranges201 Blood Orange 1

James Bland - Oil on canvas (23cm H x 23cm W)