Ones to Watch: Emerging Artists on the Rise

With new artists featured on ArtsHaus every week, here's our selection of emerging and early career artists to watch out for!

Peter Davis At Easel Low Res

A Focus On New Talent

Every year thousands of young artists join the rosters of art world, trying to find their niche and make their mark. These artists help shape the dynamic and constantly changing landscape of contemporary art.

Here we collect a selection of the most talented newcomers on show at independent galleries around the UK. Working in an array of different mediums, the artists all have very distinct and diverse practices and visual languages,

In addition to younger artists, you'll also find artists who are relatively under-recognised, but are considered on the path to critical and/or market approval.

[García de Marina] - García de Marina began his career as a photographer in 2010, within a year of following his passion he was exhibiting in Spain and Internationally. Marina uses objects of the everyday to create a narrative of re-imagination, with underlying themes of social issues and crisis'. You may have noticed Marina doesn't title his works, this is to leave the viewer free to their own interpretation - unhindered by suggestive titles.

[Ray Martin] - ​Ray Martin graduated from Manchester School of Art in 2014, and in the same year was selected for Saatchi New Sensations. Martin’s bold, colourful and free interpretations of landscapes have quickly gained him attention and recognition among collectors worldwide.​

[Míla Fürstová] - ​Míla Fürstová's work portrays the human soul in a distinctly feminine tone expressed through intricate etchings. Fürstová has exhibited internationally and has artworks in 14 collections including the V&A Museum, London, and Queen Elizabeth II. She has also created artwork for Coldplay's 6th Album 'Ghost Stories' and designed the front cover of award winning book Mortal Instruments.

[Griselda Duch] - Based in Barcelona, photographer Griselda Duch captures imagery addressing landscape, still life and architectural photography. Searching for the unstable presence of the beauty, her work conveys a nostalgic and delicate atmosphere, somehow mysterious. Applying a strong sensibility to light and color, her style has developed in cinematic narrative imagery.

[Abayomi Sokenu] - Abayomi is a member of the Society of Nigerian Artist (SNA), ARTzero Group and co-founder and president of Art Clique, an art organisation in Nigeria. He is a professional artist who previously worked as an illustrator in an advertising company following his youth service in Kaduna. His works express the richness of human enterprise and he frequently utilises a technique which employs short strokes of colour to create wonderfully exuberant paintings.

[Iggy Smalls] - Iggy Smalls graduated the Ringling College of Art and Design in 2015 and has since exhibited internationally. Smalls' photographs make you question whether what you are viewing is that of the everyday or fiction. She captures strikingly bright and bold landscapes as well as characteristic profiles.

[Peter Davis] - Prize-winning professional figurative painter and elected member of the Manchester Academy of Fine Arts (MAFA) Peter Davis, focuses on our relationship as humans with an increasingly technology driven world.​ "We’ve all got digital addiction these days and it’s now become the force that governs modern life. Seeing people glued to their devices is so commonplace that we don’t give it a second glance anymore."​​


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